Terry Bradshaw on Peyton Manning: If You Like Losing Super Bowls, He’s Your Guy

denver broncos peyton manning

Terry Bradshaw is as honest a guy that you’ll ever meet in your life.  Sometimes that honesty can lead to Bradshaw saying some unkind things about players.

Bradshaw ripped Peyton Manning during his one-man show, America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde, saying he views “Manning as a regular-season star and a playoff choker.”

Bradshaw of course has ring protection after winning four Super Bowls. The joke is a little off for a couple of reasons.

Peyton has trouble getting to Super Bowls in the first place. Even though he has had excellent teams almost every year, he has only been to the big game three times going 1-2. The better joke would have been is if you want to get your hopes up about winning a Super Bowl, Peyton Manning is your guy.

Bradshaw has taken some heat for the comments, but tells TMZ he isn’r going to apologize, because Jay Leno doesn’t apologize when he makes fun of people.