Tiger Woods Sued For Not Signing Enough Autographs



$1.22 million is a lot of money for not signing enough autographs.

Back in 2001 Tiger Woods and golfer Arnold Palmer signed an agreement with the golf memorabilia company Gotta Have It. However their relationship quickly turned sour, when Gotta Have It claimed the twosome broke their agreement with the company after they failed to deliver 1,300 autographs each.

Palmer was able to settle the matter in private with the company, yet Woods who was short 700 autographs, continued to pursue the case.

According to an exclusive report by Gossip Extra, a judgment was reached by an all-female jury, and they awarded Gotta Have It with a $668,340 judgment.

However since the judgment was reached, Woods failed to pay anything and now owes a grand total of $1.22 million after interests accumulated to the sum of $552,597. Now in an effort to collect their unpaid funds, Gotta Have It recently filed the nesserary paperwork against Woods’ ETW Corp. in Palm Beach County, where Woods’ business is based, in order to collect their judgment.

Tiger Woods Million Dollar Judgment

Oppose to paying, Woods is taking a different approach and is prepared to appeal the judgment.

“I can’t understand why they possibly would want to appeal this, but we’re ready,” said Eric Isicoff, Gotta Have It’s attorney. “Tiger had plenty of opportunities to settle. There’s no reason this case continued this long.”

It’s projected to take more than a year for Woods appeal to be heard in Florida. After factoring in time, lawyer fees, and unnecessary drama one must wonder if Woods would’ve been better off by settling and putting this issue behind him years ago.