Tim Duncan’s GF Videotaped Heat Fans Leaving Game 3 Early

Vanessa Macias Tim Duncan 2

And this is why folks call Miami Heat fans frontrunners…

Tim Duncan’s girlfriend is already displaying traits of having a personality way bigger than Tim’s, after she trolled the heck out of Heat fans during the blowout which was game 3 in Miami.

And then she got video proof of Heat fans doing what so many have accused them of…


5 thoughts on “Tim Duncan’s GF Videotaped Heat Fans Leaving Game 3 Early

  • I really don’t care what other fans think. Just get the ring

  • The rebound chica need to slow down. Her time might be short

  • HO, please sit down. this is the best of seven. Please remember what happened last year. your memory is short.

  • These bedwarmers are doing way too much these days. They want attention, attention, attention. Like they’re in the gym shooting baskets too…

  • RIGHT ON, commenters. Women should be seen and not heard. They should not state their opinions or be allowed to use social media.

    Spurs in 6.

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