Tom Brady Bragged About Having Jets’ Playbook

Call this Spygate 2.0, or call it much ado about nothing, but ESPN is reporting that Patriots coach Bill Belichick may have a copy of the Jets playbook, a gift as it were from close friend Nick Saban, this according to Browns head coach Mike Pettine, who used to be the defensive coordinator of the Jets under Rex Ryan.

“It didn’t shock me because Rex would give them out like candy anyway,” Pettine told the website. “He gave one out to Saban and I was like, ‘Don’t you know Saban and Bill are pretty good friends? I have a feeling it’s going to end up in New England.'”

“We know in places like New England, it’s only a matter of time that they somehow mysteriously end up with our playbook,” Pettine said.

The first rumblings that Belichick may have a copy of the playbook came at Wes Welker’s 2012 wedding to Anna Burns, when Tom Brady jokingly bragged to former Jets assistant Mike Smith about the Pats having acquired the book. Of course, it being a wedding and all, there’s a good chance Brady was a little tipsy on the combination of free flowing booze and Gisele’s never-ending hotness.

The question begs though, if Ryan was handing these things out “like candy,” as Pettine claims, is it really a big deal if Belichick was able to get his hands one? Greg A. Bedard, senior NFL writer for Sports Illustrated, doesn’t think so, and many would agree with him.