Tony Romo Says He Could Play a Game Today

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

Tony Romo is continuing to work his way back from herniated disk surgery that cut his season a bit short last year. The 34 year old Cowboys QB had back surgery back in December, but he feels like if push came to shove right now, he could play:

“I think earlier on, right after surgery, you kind of go through that mode of getting healthy — kind of having to not do too much right away,” Romo told the team’s official website. “But now I’m to a point where you can push it and kind of go, and I feel like at this point I could play in a game if I had to.”

It’s not a stretch to say that the Cowboys season completely hinges on Romo’s back. With Brandon Weeden being the primary backup right now, Dallas can’t afford to have Romo in and out of the lineup. Tony’s recovery really will determine if the Cowboys can push out of that 8-8 spot they seem to be stuck in the last three seasons.