TV Blackout Kept Dodger Fans From Seeing Kershaw No Hitter

clayton kershaw no hitter sports net la bso

Odds are, if you’re a Dodgers fan living in Los Angeles it took the Grace of God or a neighbor with Time Warner to catch Clayton Kershaw’s brilliance no-hit performance against the Rockies on Wednesday night.

The on-going feud between Time Warner and other cable providers for the Dodgers’ Sports NetLA channel is becoming quite the inconvenience for Dodgers fans who want to see their team’s games.

The feud shows no immediate signs of ending, with some speculating the spat can go into 2015. In any event, nearly 70% of the Dodgers market has no access to watching Dodgers games on Sports NetLA.

This is more so Time Warner’s issue, but still just another head shaking moment from MLB, who loves counting their billions made off these mega TV deals but when things like fans not being able to watch the games, nothing gets done.