UFC’s Pat Cummins Wins By KO But Loses Tooth (Video)


Pat Cummins received his shot at the UFC by taunting light-heavyweight Daniel Cormier, but at last night’s UFC Fight Night he showed that he was more than just a gimmick.

Cummins was pulled from the coffee shop he worked in the week of the Cormier fight and thrown into the octagon. For this fight Cummins had his first full training camp as a MMA fighter.

“When I took the fight with ‘DC,’ I thought, ‘I don’t need a training camp, I’ve been training forever,’” Cummins said. “… But boy, let me tell you: Eight weeks of training really pays off. Now you understand being prepared is really, really important.”

Cummins looks to have a promising future in the UFC and has the charisma to make him a star in the sport. Check out his post-fight interview if you don’t believe me.