Vernon Davis Thinks Jimmy Graham Deserves to be Paid


Either Vernon Davis really is a huge Jimmy Graham fan, or he’s lobbying for Graham in an effort to help his own cause. Davis has spoken out and said that Graham deserves a new deal from the Saints. Even more interesting is that Davis believes that Graham should get a WR type contract.

“He believes that he deserves more, and I believe that he deserves more,” Davis told ESPN regarding Graham, who’s caught in a franchise-tag fight with the Saints.  “He’s just a wonderful presence.  He’s a great player.  He has a lot of potential to go above and beyond and just go further.  He is one of those guys that is a part of that TE position that are changing the game — Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, [Rob] Gronkowski.

“Those guys are some fantastic players. If it was me, if I was the owner of the team, I would give the kid everything he wants because he’s that.”

“If you’re a guy who’s catching a lot of passes and you possess some of the traits that wide receivers have, then yes, I agree,” Davis said.  “I think that he should get paid like a wide receiver.”

Davis recently missed OTAs and a $200K bonus to work on his branding with Fantex Investments, so all the support of Graham may just be a ploy to help him own contract negotiations. Either way, I’m sure Graham doesn’t mind the support.

[h/t NBC Sports]