Westbrook Says Scott Brooks Is Only One Who Has Always Had His Back


The Thunder players are very committed to Scott Brooks or at least publicly they are saying all the right things.

They are the anti-Pacers in that way.

Here is what Westbrook had to say about his coach.

“Ever since I’ve been here and Scotty became the coach, he’s done a great job in having confidence in me personally. There’s times where things have gone south and he’s the only one that always, always had my back, regardless of what happened. People saying I was doing this or doing that, being selfish, being that, he was always the first person to step up and have my back and support me regardless of what’s going on. I think he does a great job of always staying positive and trusting in our guys and trusting in our team.”

That leads me to believe there are times when Westbrook doesn’t believe his teammates have his back. Something to keep an eye on.