Wiggins’ Personal Stylist Says His Jacket Was Supposed to Be Dalmatians


Wiggins has a personal stylist and celebrity designer, I hope he also has a personal basketball coach to help with his handle and jumper, but I digress.

The stylist did an interview talking about making Wiggins feel like a #1 pick.

“Andrew has a style of his own, but we wanted to step it up,” Wiggins’ personal stylist Brandon Williams tells us … “We wanted to set him completely apart. Make Andrew look different than any other player.”

“The original print was a Dalmatian print … but the fabric was sold out. So we were really sweating it. I ended up going to an upholstery fabric store … fabric for furniture, couches … I saw the floral print. I thought it might be too much, but Andrew liked it. He’s a young guy. He has swagger.”

Williams says his team, which included celeb designer Waraire Boswell, raced to put the ensemble together — and couldn’t have been happier with the final result.

“The suit gave him confidence. He looked like the #1 pick, and he felt like the #1 pick.”

I understand trying to look good for the draft, but this isn’t the Oscars, this is the NBA. Once you prove yourself on a level of a Dwyane Wade or Russell Westbrook then you can have all the personal stylists you want. Hopefully Wiggins is taking his game as seriously as his outfits.