Wiggins the Vegas Favorite to go 1st Overall


The NBA Draft is less than 5 hours away, and there are still very few concrete details on what will go down once the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock with the first pick.

Like every other sporting event however, Vegas has an idea of what they think will happen with the top overall selection, and according to Draft Express, have pegged Andrew Wiggins as the most likely player to be taken first.

It’s no surprise that Wiggins is the favorite and Parker comes in second as the two are nearly unanimously accepted as the top two prospects in the draft right now. The real surprise comes from the fact that Joel Embid is still an option on the board following surgery on a fracture in his foot that will sideline the center for 4-6 months.

According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, this is actually not much of a surprise as the Cavs still have Embiid on their radar.

It will be interesting to see how things break down once the picks are actually made. Tonight could be a big night for the future of many NBA franchises.