49ers & Harbaugh Put Contract Talks on Hold Until After Season


The San Francisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh have reached an agreement. An agreement to put contract talks on hold until after the season. Here are the details from CSN Bay Area:

“We actually just had this conversation yesterday,” York said. “Lots of people were talking to him about it. We just said, ‘You know what, let’s not do anything during the season. Let’s sit down a week or so after the season is over and let everybody know we’re not focused on anything that’s off the field right now.’

“Jim and I will sit down a week or so after the season is over and we’ll figure out where we go.”

There is a slight risk of the 49ers making another deep run that raises Harbaugh’s value even more but York said that’s “a good problem to have.” Harbaugh does have two years left on his deal so there is time but no coach ever wants to enter that lame duck year with just a year left on the deal.

Right now things seem likely to get worked out after the season but don’t be shocked if a curveball isn’t thrown in the mix during the season.