Alleged Ex-Sidechick Says Bron Told Her He’s Signing With Cavs (Photos)

Robin Prettyman LeBron James

Just to be clear, while the story I am about to tell you may or may not have some truth to it (probably more the latter), it is more about how everyone has “sources”.  Honestly, I am just showing you how ridiculous this whole thing has gotten, but I told you it would from the beginning, if you recall.

If you are to believe the story LeBron “invested” in Robin Prettyman’s hair salon in Cleveland and they are “close” . According to one website, she has spilled the beans on where he will be playing next year.

LeBron James is reportedly LEAVING MIAMI – and headed back to CLEVELAND. How do we know? Well a woman who was reportedly LeBron James SIDE PIECE told her GFs.

LeBron’s FEMALE FRIEND, a woman named ROBIN – was in Miami last weekend, celebrating her birthday. While there, an informant was amongst her crew. And our informant tells us that Robin told her girls that she SPOKE to LeBron and that he’s planning on RETURNING TO CLEVELAND.

And she should know. Robin and LeBron have been friends and BUSINESS PARTNERS for many years. They started out MESSING AROUND back in the day, and LeBron gave her BIG $$ to start her hair salon in Cleveland – where he is a silent investor.

Robin Prettyman LeBron James

So, even former sidechicks or business owners have sources.  Could be 100% correct or she has no idea what she is talking about.  Either way, that is why you have to take everything with a grain of salt until we hear from LeBron, just all random speculation at this point.

Oh it is a nice salon, you should check it out


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  • She doesn’t have any nude pics??? C’mon man….what sidepiece doesn’t post a couple of nude pics….WTF…..LOL

  • Now everyone who guesses right is going to think they’re legitimate.

  • Yeah, he is going back to cleveland…for the off-season. THAT is right.

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