Alleged Victim Says OU’s Joe Mixon Broke Her Face With One Punch


An incident occurred Friday morning where star Oklahoma Sooners RB recruit Joe Mixon was allegedly involved an altercation. No arrests were made, but more details are emerging from the incident. A victim has emerged claiming that Mixon punched her in the face once, and she suffered several fractures due to the blow.

Amelia Rae Molitor, 20, told The Oklahoman that she did not know Mixon, but that after “harassing” a group of her friends, he punched her once.

“He broke my face in four places … my nose … my sinuses … they’re broken,” she told the newspaper.

Molitor also told The Oklahoman she hopes Mixon serves time in prison.

“That’s what he deserves,” she said. “I don’t care if he’s the star running back or not.”

An incident report has been obtained which states that a female was punched by a male and had apparently suffered broken bones. The report gives no indication what started the altercation but also states that alcohol is believed to have played a factor in the incident. Mixon was ending a night of celebrating his 18th birthday at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe.

Mixon’s attorney, Kevin Finlay, says that his client is cooperating with authorities and is just eager to have the truth be known. The university’s athletic director, Joe Castiglione, released a statement.

“We take reports like this very seriously and we’re gathering information. That’s really all we can say.”

Police are reviewing surveillance video to determine their next move in this incident.

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  • He is a lucky fella. Punch the wrong mans daughter and he probably already be in hell.

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