A&M Players React to New Facilities That Includes Barbershop (Video)

Texas A&M barbershop

It’s not everyday you see a college facility with a built in barbershop. Texas A&M unveiled their new football complex and it is impressive. It includes 100 HD TVs, and underwater treadmill, hot and cold tubs, and so much more. Here is what Kevin Sumlin had to say:

“The renovated complex shows them that we care as coaches, our administration cares, the University cars. And when you have something like this it also gives you an expectation. You treat someone first-class and you want first class performance and first class actions. To me, those go hand in hand.”

Now see the players reaction to seeing the facilities:

Should we call this the facility that Johnny built or no? For the record A&M says the $16.8M project was funded solely by donations.


One thought on “A&M Players React to New Facilities That Includes Barbershop (Video)

  • IMPRESSIVE! Texas A&M’s new facility is definitely competing with the Oregon Ducks. Wait until the stadium is fully upgraded. My top five facilities (Stadium not included) are:

    1. Oregon Ducks
    2. Texas A&m Aggies
    3. Alabama Crimson Tide
    4. Tennessee Volunteers
    5. Ohio State Buckeyes

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