Amir Khan Wants to Fight Manny Pacquiao in November

Khan vs Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao has his date set for November 22nd in Macau, China. The only thing left to be determined is Manny’s opponent, a spot Amir Khan would love to fill.

Khan spent the better part of this year waiting for a Mayweather fight and due to his religion the September 12th date doesn’t work for him. Floyd has moved on and has elected to take  rematch with Marcos Maidana but for Khan his options aren’t as clear cut.

The easy scenario would be to take another easy fight and hope to fight Floyd in May or he can go after another title in the division while he waits as well. Instead Khan is shooting for the stars and requesting the Pacquiao fight in November.

Here’s Khan’s statement according to the Manila Standard Today:

“We have a good history together; we both were trained by Freddie Roach, we sparred together hundreds of times, we are friends. But boxing is a business and I want to fight him and beat him.”
It’ll be interesting to see if Khan can talk his way into the Manny fight. To Be honest it’s the best possible fight for Manny who is quickly running out of new opponents to fight. If he doesn’t entertain Khan we may end up with Pacquiao v Marquez 5.