Andrew Luck Still Apologizing For Pass That Tore Wayne’s ACL


Andrew Luck seems like a stand-up guy. So much so that he can’t stop apologizing to Reggie Wayne for the bad pass that led to Reggie tearing his ACL last year. Well, Wayne finally had to tell him to stop it and that injuries happen in football:

“After the hundredth time of (Luck) saying, ‘My bad,’ that’s when I told him, ‘Hey, don’t worry about that. Let’s finish the season up. I’m going to be fine. I’m going to be back out there with you,'” Wayne said. “It’s just football. It’s brutal. It tears your body up. I didn’t blame him and I didn’t expect him to blame himself. It was already written for this to happen. Maybe it was a blessing. Maybe it was an opportunity for my bones to heal a little bit. Maybe I can sneak another year or so, I don’t know. After that time, we talked. We had a good discussion and that was a wrap.”

In this situation, both guys are pretty nice. I am not sure every WR would be that nice about that even though it’s not like Luck threw the ball like that on purpose to injure his best WR. I bet this helps their chemistry even more and Wayne has a big bounce back year.

[Indy Star]