Arjen Robben on Flopping Criticism: “I’m Tired of the Bulls**t”


Netherlands forward Arjen Robben has had just about enough criticism from his detractors who claim that he dives and flops around too much during games.

Robben won a controversial penalty against Mexico that saw his team advance to the next round and ever since then critics have been calling him out for his theatrics, he has apologized but ultimately he’s had enough.

He said: “I’m tired of the bullsh**t. I was rugby-tackled throughout the game.”

I don’t have an issue with players diving at all, these guys are athletes not choir boys. They are competing at the highest level of their profession and have been trained all their life to do whatever it takes to win. Besides there are rules in place to punish those suspected of diving, so it’s up to them if they want to take the risks that come along with simulation.

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