Bengals Owner: Dalton Should Get Kaepernick Type Deal


Now before everyone starts to react with shock and awe, we can only assume the Bengals are talking about Kaepernick’s real numbers with the 49ers, and not the bloated contract that was displayed for the world to see.

The bloated numbers for Kaepernick were initially six-years, $126 million.  After diagnosing the true value of the deal, Kaepernick’s contract was actually two-years, $28 million.  

Geoff Hobson of the teams official website is reporting that Bengals owner Mike Brown would like to give his franchise quarterback a similar deal.

Such a deal would give Dalton $13 million guaranteed, with the opportunity to earn more based on his play.  The fact that a deal hasn’t been struck, speaks to Dalton’s unwillingness to agree to such a contract at this point.