Bryant McKinnie Has Car Repo’d After Failing To Pay Legal Fees


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Bryant McKinnie’s financial issues have cost him a pretty nice car.

TMZ is reporting that McKinnie had his 2012 Infiniti QX56 repo’d after failing to pay his lawyer $20k in legal fees.

Here’s the deal … according to legal docs, Bryant never paid his Florida lawyers more than $20k in bills, fees and penalties stemming from work they did several years ago. 

The lawyers sued and got a judgement for $21,354.69 … but McKinnie never paid — so the court sent a repo man to collect Bryant’s 2012 Infiniti QX56 … so they could auction it off to pay back the attorneys. 

Well, what the repo man wants … the repo man gets — and now the car is all set for the auction block … where Bryant will have a chance to buy it back … if he really loves the car. 

It’s just the latest problem for McKinnie — who reportedly settled a lawsuit with a strip club owner who claimed the NFL player stiffed his establishment on a $375k bill.