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Gennady “GGG” Golovkin is one of the most explosive knockout artists in all of boxing and is set to defend his IBO middleweight title Saturday, July 26 live on HBO beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, against Daniel Geale at Madison Square Garden. 

The beast from Karaganda, Kazakhstan seems to be one of the most feared boxers on the planet.  Even though he often mentioned among the pound-for-pound best in the sport of boxing, guys are not lining up to face the man.  You can’t really blame them, seeing as though ‘GGG’ holds the highest KO ratio in middleweight championship history.  

Thats right, if you step inside the ring with Golovkin, you have about a 90% chance of ending up slumped over in the middle of the ring. The Ring Magazine 2013 “Fighter of the Year” sat down with BlackSportsOnline to discuss his upcoming bout with Geale, the reason fighters are ducking him, his bright future and his love for New York City.  


BSO: Gennady thank you for taking time out to speak with us.  Please share with us how your training camp has gone in advance of your matchup with Daniel Geale. 

GG: Training camp has been amazing.  We’ve had great some great sessions up at Big Bear, got in some really good work and I feel confident about July 26.

BSO: You are known to have a love for New York City and Madison Square Garden.  Can you tell us what it means to be in the main arena at the Garden and what we might expect.  

GG: I’m beyond excited to be fighting in New York City at Madison Square Garden. It’s my first time headlining in the big arena after three fights in the theater.  There’s something about the city, the bright lights, the love all the people show me.  I love New York.  I hope to put on an amazing show that will allow people to see a great fight and hopefully have me back over and over again.

BSO: What is your opinion on boxing’s cold war, and how does that effect you going forward?

GG: I try not to pay it any attention.  It really doesn’t involve or concern me.  I’m signed to K2 promotions, so it gives me flexibility in who my opponents actually can be.  I’m happy fighting on HBO, they gave me my shot and an opportunity to fight on the biggest stage there it.  I’m not concerned about any promotional wars.  I’ll fight anybody.

BSO: What’s like working with and being trained by a legend like Abel Sanchez?

GG: Abel is amazing.  He’s taking my career to new heights and we get better each and everyday.  He’s worked with so many great fighters and lifted their careers as well.  He’s added an aggressive style to discipline I learned as an amateur.  He truly believes I can be one of the all-time greats like Ali and Mayweather.

BSO: Speaking of Floyd Mayweather.  Would you like a shot at the pound-for-pound best? 

GG: Well of course.  Right now I’m focused on Daniel Geale.  But I would love to at some point matchup with the guy many consider to be the best in the sport.

BSO: We have so many great names in the middleweight and junior middleweight division, yet it seems many of the guys either duck you or have no interest in a fight with you.  Why is that and how does that make you feel?

GG: I don’t know to be honest.  Maybe they are afraid of my style or my punching power.  I’m not concerned with that at the end of the day.  My main concern is just beating the guy I’m set to face.  I believe that as long as I continue to win, and train hard, I’ll eventually get every guy on that list.

BSO: What is your opinion of Daniel Geale.  He’s talked alot about being the best boxer you’ve ever faced.  How do you see the fight playing out?

GG: Geale is definitely impressive.  He’s definitely the most impressive guy that I’ve faced.  He’s not a big puncher in my opinion, but he wins and has a very good record.  He’s got a great coach in Graham Shaw, and I expect him to be very prepared.

BSO: We don’t want to look past Geale, but what do you see for you in the future?

GG: I want to be the best boxer on the planet.  I want to give the American boxing fans a show every time I step in the ring.  My style is very good for the American people, for all boxing fans—hard work, heavy punch … I can change styles.

BSO: So does that mean we can look forward to future matchups with the likes of Canelo (Alvarez), (Miguel) Cotto or even an Andre Ward? 

GG: Yes definitely.  I would love to fight either or all of those guys yes.  I’ll let my team handle who I face, but I look forward to bigger and better things.  Cotto is a legend and that would spectacular.  Especially in New York City. They are all legends.

Here is a special presentation from HBO. Watch road To #GolovkinGeale: Get to know the beast Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Geale as they prepare for their epic showdown on HBO July, 26 at Madison Square Garden. 

Also on the Golovkin-Geale undercard is a Heavyweight showdown that will have lasting ramifications on the division going forward. Get to know Bryant Jennings and Mike Perez as the two strong punching heavyweights look to lay claim to the future of the most important championship in all of sports.  

Golovkin vs. Geale and Jennings vs. Perez happens Sat., July 26 at 9:30pm ET/PT on HBO.


  1. The fight I would love to see is Gennady Golovkin vs. Mayweather. I know it will never happen. I wish it would!

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