Can Manziel Ever Go Out Drinking Without it Being Big Deal? (Photo)


Training camp is in full swing, but Wednesday was slated to be an off day for the Cleveland Browns. Last night after a long day at the practice facility, Browns QB Johnny Manziel decided to go to a local bar, just two miles from the facility, to have a drink with a friend. Unfortunately for Manziel, he’s now a high profile athlete who is known for his partying ways, so what was supposed to be a simple drink at a bar turned into a big deal for nothing.

We’re all used to the Manziel that’s rolling dollar bills or pool surfing giant, inflatable swans, but there was nothing sensational happening in the bar or in any of the pictures that surfaced on the internet. Manziel has taken the time to assert his focus on football, but he also made it clear he was going to continue to live his life and have fun. There’s nothing wrong with anything he did, and let’s not forget he is still 21. Him having a quiet drink at a bar to unwind after a hard day in an NFL training camp should not be scrutinized or compared to anything he did before he entered training camp.

[h/t Akron Beacon Journal]