Cavs Already Sell Out Season Tickets For Next Season


It’s no surprise that within hours of LeBron James returning home to Cleveland to join the Cavaliers next season, season tickets appear to have been sold out. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports more on the story:

“A Cavaliers source confirmed to that the team capped season-ticket sales at slightly more than 12,000 tickets Friday, leaving roughly 8,000 tickets per game to be used for group sales and ticket plans. […]

Prior to Friday, fans who were interested in buying season tickets had to put down a deposit of $200 per seat. Once James announced his intentions, the Cavaliers upped the deposit to a flat $500 fee, which would come out cheaper than the previous required deposit if someone ordered more than two tickets.”

The “LeBron” effect will undoubtedly bring the Cavs and the city of Cleveland a tremendous influx of new business. According to ESPN, the Cavs sold only 84.3 percent of their season tickets last year, as opposed to a full 100 percent during the 09-10 season; LeBron’s last year.

The addition of LeBron, as well as the stable of young talent on the Cavs roster gives Clevelanders reason to be optimistic, and you can believe the Cavs front office will capitalize on every bit of it.

[h/t Bleacher Report]