Chris Bosh Texts To LeBron Revealed (Photo)

Bosh, LuckWith Lebron’s decision up in the air, critics think the Bosh hasn’t committed to Houston yet is because he’s waiting on Lebron’s decision. Luckily, there were some texts to clear all of this up:

Bosh, LuckEven though its just jokes, one has to wonder why Bosh is waiting so long to run back to his home state with a MAX contract?! Lebron has his pick of the litter at this point and with Pat Riley flying to Vegas this week to meet with him since opting out, one has to wonder what are these organizations are willing to do to get these big contracts?


2 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Texts To LeBron Revealed (Photo)

  • I have a hole in my front yard I’m trying to sell. Anyone can add the name Lebron to their contacts and send text messages from another phone or computer or App.

  • It’s really fucked up that this website seems to take pride in slandering one of the most intelligent Blackmen in the NBA. This website has indicated that he is gay and has compared him to animals. The owner of this site claimed, he started this site because he was tied of seeing black athletes being treated unfair by the white owned media. Now look at the crap he does to his own people.

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