Chris Kluwe Goes to Twitter Instead of Police About Vikings & Underage Girls

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I don’t see anything funny about Chris Kluwe going on Twitter saying he has knowledge of Vikings players having inappropriate relations with an underage girl.

Kluwe who is trying to turn the fact that he was cut because he wasn’t a very good punter and punters are disposable until a cash payment from the Vikings. He is saying he was cut because of his pro-gay stance and had to deal with anti-gay remarks from coaches. I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against, but if Kluwe was better at his job he would still have one. Furthermore, someone whose lawsuit is based on having high morals wouldn’t tweet something like this.

Chris Kluwe

Using an underage girl as a weapon for his lawsuit is “MORE FUN” to Kluwe than reporting the crime to the police.

Let’s think about this for a minute, Kluwe who claims to be of high moral value, hears that two Vikings players have been engaging in inappropriate activities with an underage girl, but doesn’t do anything. He waits until the Vikings points out some of his inappropriate activities then he runs to Twitter to say this will be “fun” to mention at trial.

Kluwe is a self centered attention whore who is doing more to hurt gay rights in sports than help them and the sooner people stop supporting him, the sooner they can start supporting athletes and individuals who really deserve it.

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  • I like how you put your personal feeling into the article. Who are you to say so, aren’t you just suppose to report the news and not spin it?

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