Cowboys Ronald Leary Pleads Guilty to DWI


Cowboys G Ronald O’Leary has decided to take a plea deal for his pending DWI charge. O’Leary was scheduled for trial this week but has opted for the plea deal, which will most likely sentence him to 18 months probation and $1000 fine.

Also, since O’Leary didn’t technically hurt anyone, the NFL most likely will just be fined two game checks, as opposed to being suspended from any games.

“The sentence he received was in line with a typical first-time DWI punishment,” Leary’s attorney told the Dallas Morning News. “It was just a momentary error in judgement that will not be repeated.”

O’Leary started all 16 games for the Cowboys last season and is expected to start again this season.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, an Irving police officer pulled over Leary on September 7, 2012, for “multiple traffic violations” and “suspicion of DWI, based on how he was driving.” The officer wrote that Leary “smelled moderately of alcohol,” had bloodshot eyes, was swaying just a little bit and had “mush-mouthed speech” when he spoke. After he couldn’t pass the Walk & Turn and One Leg Stand part of the field sobriety test without losing his balance, the officer says he arrested the offensive lineman for driving while intoxicated.

You would think that with the unfortunate history that the Cowboys have with DWI the players would have learned by now. The Cowboys have made no comments on O’Leary’s plea deal.

[h/t Dallas Morning News]