Cowboys TE Coach Throws Ice Water On Players Catching Balls (Video)



Dallas Cowboys tight ends coach Mike Pope is a proven winner in the NFL. He was a position coach on every one of the four New York Giants championship teams.

So, when coach Pope tells his tight ends in Dallas what to do, they do it. No matter how quirky, strange or uncomfortable his drills may seem. Check out how he teaches his players to focus on catching passes; no matter what:

When asked about the drills, Pope’s answer was simple:

“Concentrate on the ball, don’t flinch, don’t bat your eyes,” Pope told Fox 4 in Dallas. “Everything we do has to do with that. If they can’t play with distractions, they can’t play.”

Speaking of distractions:

As I wrote earlier, Pope knows what he’s doing. Even if the majority of other people don’t.

[h/t B/R, Twitter]


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