D Wade Says He’s Cooling During FA Hysteria (Photo)


Dwyane Wade is a better man than most in my opinion.  Say what you want about him, but Wade has been the face of the Miami Heat for over 10 years.

Wade was due over $42 million for the final two-years of his deal, and has done enough in this league to warrant opting in and collecting his money.

Wade followed Chris Bosh and LeBron James, by opting out of his contract.  His reward for walking away from millions is the possibility that he could be the lone member of the big-3 to remain with the Heat.  The man formally known as flash took to Instagram to let everyone that he’s fine and cooling out on this hot summer day.

James and Bosh are likely headed elsewhere, but D Wade has no worries on this glorious summer day.


3 thoughts on “D Wade Says He’s Cooling During FA Hysteria (Photo)

  • After this season it became evident that hes washed up what else he gonna do but go to a premire with wifey 6th man at best.

  • No one wants him

  • He averaged 19 points a game, he had a bad finals an now hes washed up. He took a step back from lead roll to help his team win, dudes a stand up guy….an im a cavs fan….heat fans are a waste….He turned 42 million down for the team…give that man a medal..

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