Dan Le Batard: LeBron left Miami for PR Reasons (Video)


This is an interesting an quality theory on why LeBron James bolted the Heat to return to Cleveland.  The Miami Herald columnist was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show, and gave his reasoning into why James chose to return home. 

Le Batard believes King James decision to return home was based around the same thinking that caused him to leave in the first place.

Public relations.

According to Le Batard, James’ image is beyond prestine at this point, and he called it a “PR masterstroke.”

Miami Herald columnist and ESPN’s Dan Le Batard joined the show to share the Miami angle on LeBron James.

Le Batard thinks that this was No. 1 a public relations decision. Le Batard said he went to Miami to “not be the guy who hasn’t won a championship.” He said that it was a “PR masterstroke.”

Le Batard said that it’s no surprise that Miami fans are upset. “The mistress is always upset when the man returns to his wife,” Le Batard said.

Le Batard said Cleveland and Miami will be competing next year. He thinks they’ll both have about 50 wins next year.

Whether Le Batard is accurate or simply reaching, the Sports Illustrated coming home angle was pure gold for LeBron and his brand.

2 thoughts on “Dan Le Batard: LeBron left Miami for PR Reasons (Video)

  • I totally agree with Le Batard.

  • This was not a PR move, this was a PTB move! The Powers That Be told Lebron to go back to Cleveland and make Dan Gilbert billions! Four years ago, Lebron makes his own decision and goes to Miami. He is treated like a villain by all of the national sports media. Now Lebron does what he is told and goes back to Cleveland, all of a sudden the sports media loves him? I have to agree with Dick Gregory, the NBA is fixed and Lebron is just following orders!

    P.S. For more information on how black athletes are treated in America, read the book, Forty Million Dollar Slave, by William C Rhoden.

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