Dan LeBatard Tried Buying Full Page Ad in Cleveland Paper to Troll LeBron


Needless to say, Heat fans have been extra salty since LeBron decided to take his talents back to Northeast Ohio, and in keeping with Miami’s saltiness,  ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard tried trolling Bron in a very public way by trying to buy a full page ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this past Tuesday. The ad, which was smartly rejected by the newspaper, was simply a picture of the Heat’s two championship rings with the simple caption, “You’re welcome, LeBron. Sincerely, Miami Heat Fans.”

Here’s what the ad would have looked like, had the Plain Dealer lacked any common sense and run it.

Le Batard confirmed his show had tried to purchase the ad space, which would have been funded via a Kickstarter campaign, and that it was meant to poke fun at James and the Cavs fans. Sounds more like he was trying to give LeBron a very public “screw you” on behalf of Heat fans everywhere, who really had little to do with helping James win two NBA Championships.



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