Dez Bryant’s Tweet Leads to Cowboys Panic, But it Was False Alarm

Dez Bryant Struggle

When you are going down the list of top wide receivers in the NFL, you can’t get too far without mentioning Dez Bryant.

He’s in most people’s Top 5 and everyone’s Top 10. Just from a sheer talent standpoint, you could make a case he has more pure talent than any other WR in the NFL. His numbers have been strong and substantiate his standing as one of the best in the game. The spotlight of being a Dallas Cowboys has caused some minor media controversy, but it has been a while since the “Dez Rules” have been needed.

Like every other player he wants to get paid. The Cowboys are going to pay him, but not quite yet, but since it is hanging out there, people are going to talk and Tweets like this are going to get overanalyzed.

That caused Cowboys nation to lose their mind briefly because they assumed that Dez was talking about Cowboys management.

Alas, Dez was just Googling himself or he has the Bleacher Report Team Stream app.

Not a shock in the new age media world we are in that something like this could happen, because you can’t always get all your thoughts out in 140 characters.