Donte Witner & Darryl Talley Engage in Ugly Twitter Feud


Cleveland Browns safety (and former Buffalo Bills 1st round draft pick), Donte Whitner created quite a ruckus with the Bills fanbase when he thought it would be funny to drop a few jokes on twitter about the team’s uncertain future regarding relocation:


Among the many offended Buffalo fans was the wife of former Bills linebacker, Darryl Talley–Janie Talley. She quickly fired back with this tweet (which is quite hilarious actually):    

Whitner then tweeted Mrs. Talley back referencing “Alex” in a seemingly disrespectful manner:



A quick Google search will show you that this “Alex” Whitner is referring to is the daughter of Janie and Darryl Talley. As expected, the tweet pissed the ex-linebacker off and from there it evolves into an ugly back and fourth, in which a boxing match eventually gets scheduled (LOL).   



A harmless, heated social media exchange? Possibly, however; once Whitner made this personal and involved one of Talley’s children, things seemed to escalate quickly. Hopefully nothing crazy happens because if anything were to go down, the authorities wouldn’t need to look far for a nice page full of evidence.

[h/t Deadspin, Twitter]