Drake Says Skylar Diggins’ BF Won’t Let Her Go to ESPYS to See Him

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Drake dropping all type of FLEX Bombs.

He was asked about his infatuation with Skylar Diggins and if he would like to meet her at the ESPYS. He had a very interesting answer during a conference call.

Drake spoke on a few other hot topics on the media call as well. When asked if he was anxious to meet any athletes he addressed his perceived infatuation with Skylar Diggins: “I’ve never met Skylar, but I’m sure it’ll be extremely awkward if she does show up. She probably won’t though…her boyfriend will probably have her tied down to a chair that night.”

I am not one to advocate violence, but Skylar’s boyfriend has to punch Drake in the face whenever he does seen him. He is blatantly and repeatedly disrespecting him. It is funny, but still has to stop letting Drake take his cornbread.


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  • See, this is why I personally think Aubrey Drake Graham is a bitch, he won’t RAP BATTLE Kendrick Lamar, but will continue to harass Sky’s bf. Bitch move from a bitch nigga

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