Dwight Howard Tweets #FreePalestine Then Says He’s Sorry

Dwight Howard Clown

At least Dwight didn’t say he was hacked.

I am not sure why he is apologizing for though, if that is how he feels, that is how he feels. I can see apologize for making a political comment he didn’t mean to make, but how can you offend someone with your belief?

It would be like apologizing for being Catholic to a Jewish person, you can’t control how others feel about an issue.

He needs a social media coordinator. Thanks to CJ Zero for the screengrab.

7 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Tweets #FreePalestine Then Says He’s Sorry

  • Dwight Howard, while I respect his limited basketball ability, is an uninformed, uneducated CLOWN. He should really think before he engages his mouth or his sex organ, both of which have and will continue to impact his ability to build a secure future for himself. He is entitled to his political opinions, but when you make them public, now you have to defend them. He most certainly is not an intellectual, so maybe he should just play basketball. Although my name may suggest otherwise I am not Jewish, I am however weary of seeing a guy looking for approval continue to put his foot in his mouth. Perhaps some of his useless entourage should tell him to get off of Twitter.

  • I saw where Rhianna deleted a #freePalestine tweet that mysteriously showed up on her twitter page for a few moments unknowingly. I dont know if it’s true or not but often times you have to log on some pages through a twitter account and anyone these days can hack accounts and upload tweets or status’. We are so quick to judge people, call them derogatory names and it’s crazy to me. If he was supporting Palestine he has that right, we all have the right to support anyone or anything even if it’s not agreed upon. My goodness gracious, at least the man apologized for a tweet that obviously is a sensitive subject for many and is not of his own doing.

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