Embiid Says Not Interested In 4th Of July Cause He’s Not American (Video)


I love Joel Embiid, but he’s going to have to learn to not answer every question from the media.  Embiid has an innocent naivete to him that leaves him open to bad public relations.

TMZ caught Embiid coming out of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood Thursday night when we asked him about his plans for the holiday. Embiid gave an honest answer when he stated that he’s not into the Fourth of July, because he’s not American.  

The comment is innocent and Embiid doesn’t have to barbecue or enjoy firework festivities.  He still is likely to receive some level of criticism for the remarks.

2 thoughts on “Embiid Says Not Interested In 4th Of July Cause He’s Not American (Video)

  • I applaud Embiid for his honesty. He doesn’t have to answer for his remarks.

  • Right on Guest.I love an honest answer. And he didnt’t say anything worthy of criticism. Too many people try so hard to say the right thing these days that when some one actually makes an honest statement, it sounds shocking.He didn’t say he hates the country.He just insn’t interested in the government mandated holiday. That’s fine with me. I hope he stays honest instead of becoming pc.

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