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ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith For a Week

by BSO Staff | Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
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I guess ESPN feels like his apology alone wouldn’t suffice.

After the controversial statements made last week by Stephen A. Smith regarding the Ray Rice suspension and a woman’s role in her own domestic abuse, ESPN has decided to suspend Stephen A. Smith for a week.

I for one am shocked that ESPN actually decided to suspend Smith, who is one of their most famous talents. I definitely feel like they did the right thing. Smith gets paid a lot of money to write and speak about the things these athletes do both on and off the field. It is his job to convey his message in a way that will not be misunderstood or misconstrued by anybody.

He failed to do that when speaking on Ray Rice which resulted in a lot of backlash. When speaking about intimate crimes like domestic violence or sexual assault you have to be VERY careful how you say things. Do I think Smith meant that women cause their own beatings? No. But I see why people would become outraged by his use of the word “provoke” and I believe that is why he deserves this one week suspension.

The timing of the suspension is troubling, because they promoted Smith’s apology on 1st Take and allowed him to do a full show as if the issue was over.

ESPN would have sent a strong message if the suspension was handed down immediately.  Their inconsistencies in their punishment of employees is something that is well documented . For those who want to defend Smith, that is a strong leg to stand on.

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  1. JP says:

    stephen a. said nothing wrong. everyone keep their hands to themselves

    • LB says:

      I agree and that is what Stephen A was saying…”don’t touch me and I won’t touch you”…seems like a female can get all overly emotional and physically attack a male (ex. Solange Knowles) but the male has to stay calm and not retaliate.

      • Frank F says:

        Bomani Jones put on his cape to defend Beadle on twitter. She did joke about Solange so Beadle is a hypocrite. Beadle also defended Riley Cooper. Bomani must get a raise at ESPN when he defends some sellout stuff like this. Bomani bragged about being friends with Paul Wall so when Paul called Bomani the n-word he must have been cool with it just like that sellout clown JA Adande lets his white friends call him the n-word.

  2. Power 2 tha People says:

    Institutional Racism at its finest! I’ve heard people say racist thing on ESPN all the time and they do nothing about it. Skip Bayless says racist things every week but never gets in trouble. Stephen A Smith did nothing wrong here. WHY only when black athletes or black entertainers are involved in issues it gets blown way out of proportion. Perfect example was 3 years ago when Ben Rothlisbuger was accused of raping 2 women it didn’t get hardly any media attention and he was only suspended 6 games and started in the super bowl later that season. Michael Vick dog fighting situation got more media coverage than a white man raping 2 women did. EsPN choose who they want to pour media coverage on and its always BLACK Athletes. Why wasn’t people boycotting Ben Rothlisbuger? But they did Michael Vick. I’m just tired of the racial biases ESPN has on black athletes and coaches vs white athletes and coaches. Jay Cutler is a complete ass but you never hear about that Cam Newton is the most hated QB in the nfl and all he does is smile.

  3. Malcolm says:

    Stephen A spoke to truth, call it like it is. There are some women who actually glorify violence against men. Hell, they (Tyler Perry) encourage women to throw hot grits on a man. And your less of a man if you defend yourself. GO HEAD WITH THAT SHIIII. My uncle is in the ground because he didn’t defend himself against his wife. Get out of here with that noise. As men, we have common sense not to beat a woman, but every person has the right to defend themselves, period.

    BTW, still waiting for ESPN, especially Mike Greenberg to apologize for calling Dr. King, Martin Luther Coon. Freudian slip, maybe, but an apology would have been nice.

  4. Carlos says:

    Power 2 Tha People I couldn’t say it better myself good job. Hey Robert its so obvious how they treat black in the media and you have the power to call them out and report it. I dont even like Stephen A Smith after the whole Mark Cuban thing, but everybody is jumping on him we all know what he really meant.

  5. Sal says:

    Of course written by a women. Totally biased article. He spoke the truth and just because of one drama queen like michelle beadle, all these feminist gotta put words in Steven A. Smiths mouth. She and all you women blew this out of proportion and shame of you.

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