Freddie Roach Says Cotto Prefers to Fight Canelo over GGG


Roach and Cotto aren’t fools.

Canelo is the bigger money and easier fight. Not saying Canelo is a walk over, but there is no need to put Cotto in with the monster known as GGG and possibly mess up your huge Canelo payday.

Here is what Roach had to say via Boxing Scene.

“HBO signed Golovkin to a six fight deal and they’re in love with him. The number one choice for Cotto right now, is we’d like to fight Canelo Alvarez but GGG could be next for us,” Roach said.

Cotto is going to fight in December and Canelo plans to fight in the Winter. Unless both Canelo and Cotto take soft touches to set up a Spring 2015 fight, they could be headed on a collision course sooner than later.

GGG for his part just has to keep knocking people out and hope eventually he gets the big fight he is craving.

2 thoughts on “Freddie Roach Says Cotto Prefers to Fight Canelo over GGG

  • Sounds like Cotto is scared of GGG. He isn’t the only one. I would like to see GGG fight Mayweather. I know it will never happen. I don’t think GGG will get a unification fight anytime soon. It seems like everybody is scared to fight him.

  • One more statement, don’t be surprised if Cotto fights Canelo on May 2nd. Puerto Rico vs. Mexico on Cinco De Mayo. That would be HUGE!

    P.S. Mayweather beat both Cotto and Canelo! He still gets no respect!

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