Gerald Wallace: LeBron Lacks ‘Fight’ Of Jordan, Kobe (Video)


Shots have been fired.

Despite being the best basketball player on the right now, LeBron James constantly deals with criticism and comparisons to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Gerald Wallace is the latest in a long line of people who feel the need to take shots at James.  Wallace told Fox News in Alabama, that James lacks the fight of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

“Jordan never had an off night,” Wallace told at his basketball camp in Alabama. “He found many ways to contribute to the team, and I’d say Kobe is pretty much the same. You can put LeBron in that category. I think what separates LeBron from Kobe and Michael Jordan right now is that he doesn’t have the attitude or fight that those guys had.

“For me, he’s not willing to take over a game, demand a game or put the game all on his shoulders. I would like to see him get to that one day, but right now I don’t think he has that. That’s what Michael Jordan and even Kobe has.”

Wallace sounds like a super fan.  Jordan had many an off night and Kobe has had some horrendous shooting performances. Any credibility Wallace had went out the window the minute he made it seem as if Jordan went for 50 every night.

3 thoughts on “Gerald Wallace: LeBron Lacks ‘Fight’ Of Jordan, Kobe (Video)

  • Wallace is right. When he says Jordan never had an off night, he wasn’t referring to shooting. He was referring to how Jordan treated every game as a must win. He competed hard every night. I’m no LeBron hater, but he never has and never will be in Jordan’s category. There is no way Jordan would have gotten swept in a series. Jordan just had that certain “it” that LeBron doesn’t have. It’s not a knock against LeBron, but Jordan just had a certain dominance about him and a refusal to lose. Even when he was losing to Detroit and Boston those first years, you could see that competitive fire. And then once he started winning, he carried those teams.

  • kobe didnt need fight…his ass was busy being carried by shaqs 35 and 15 in the finals

  • haha the writing on this site is beyond terrible, especially this guy. He sounds like a “super fan”…? And you talking about credibility is comical. Find a different job.

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