Gina Carano Likely to Sign With the UFC This Week (Photos)


As large as Ronda Rousey currently is she’s still not on the level of Gina Carano. Carano was the face of women’s MMA and after a 5 year hiatus Gina is now ready to return to the cage.

Carano’s last fight was against Cris Cyborg and was the only loss of her career. After that she used her notoriety to start an acting career and hasn’t looked back… until now.

Here’s what UFC President Dana White had to say about Carano’s return:

“One down, one to go,” White told ESPN after signing Holly Holm.

“I’m going to meet with Gina next week and get that [expletive] thing done. Next week, man. It’s just a matter of me and  Lorenzo going to jump on a plane to Los Angeles, get in a room with her and her lawyer and get this thing done.”

White has been working hard to make a Carano vs Ronda Rousey super fight happen and it looks like that will soon be a reality.

“There is no doubt about it, she wants to fight,” he said.

“And she wants to fight Ronda.” 

It looks like Carano will soon make her octagon debut but until then here are a few pics #ForTheBros!



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  • Gina Carano was the face of UFC until Cyborg kicked her ass! That’s why Cyborg will never enter the UFC; she’s too ugly and too good! On the other hand, it would be in the best interest of the UFC to sign Carano and match Carano vs. Rousey!

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