Golden Boy Will Promote Mayweather vs. Maidana 2

Mayweather Fight LAs Vegas

Mayweather said he wouldn’t work with Golden Boy ever again after Richard Schaefer resigned from the company, but there was one small problem.

Mayweather promotions doesn’t have a license to promote fights in Vegas and that is where Mayweather wants to fight, so…….

Here is what Oscar De La Hoya had to say.

“There’s no reason for Floyd and I not to be working together,” he said. “We don’t have to be best of friends. But we don’t have to be enemies or rivals or have issues. I’m glad that we came to terms and made this fight happen. I’m sure he could have chosen to use somebody else (as his promoter).

“The fact that he understood and the fact that he gave us the opportunity — it’s a business, and behind his decision was common sense. We bring something to the table that is very valuable. We know how to promote fights.”

Basically, Mayweather didn’t have many options, he could have went with another promoter, but none know how to promote his fights like Golden Boy who has been doing them for over seven years, so for now, he and Oscar are in bed together.