Greg Hardy Apologizes For Being A Team Distraction

Greg Hardy, Luck

The Carolina Panthers $13.1M star has apologized to his teammates. Greg Hardy has recently been found guilty of charges related to his then girlfriend, Nicole Holder and has finally addressed the media concerning the whole ordeal. Hardy addressed the media at the start of the Panthers training camp Sunday and apologized to his teammates for being a “distraction”:

“I hate that I have distracted my team,” Hardy said, the first time he has spoken to the media since being arrested and subsequently found guilty for assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend in May. “Other than that I can’t answer that question.”

Hardy wouldn’t even address if the past few months have been difficult on him.

“I don’t answer questions like that, man,” he said.

While also adding that he loved the organization and not wanting to leave, that was the jest of his interview. Hardy didn’t really address anything related to the incident, possibly because of legal matters since his attorney is appealing the judges decision. Hardy has been sentenced to 18 months prohibition and 60 days of jail time. The latter has been suspended. Hardy has not been disciplined by the NFL or the Panthers, they are both waiting on the verdict of his appeal which could take until next year.