Jadeveon Clowney Crushes Another RB, This Time at Training Camp (Video)


Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp

By now everyone knows that Jadeveon Clowney is a beast but for some reason scouts pre-draft were acting like they forgot.

Well it didn’t take too long for him to remind everyone. Here’s a look at one of the training camp running drills where Jadeveon Clowney beats the O-lineman in a blink of an eye and hits the RB before he can even get the handoff.

Looks familiar? Well it should because he did the exact same thing in college.

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  1. I watched the highlight and what really did he do. I thought his technique was terrible he was trying to make that tackle from his knees. I look for him to be a NFL bust

  2. Yeah I watched the highlight too. This makes Clowney look bad if you ask me. The guy just shrugged off the hit and spun around it. I don’t know if it’s not full contact because they’re teammates and he didn’t get his full force behind it or something, but this definitely doesn’t make Clowney look like a beast.

  3. You 2 obviously dont know anything about football. In this training camp drill, clowney did exactly as he was supposed to do. Attack full speed until the point of contact. Then pull up WITHOUT tackling the runner. This is very common in NFL camps to help avoid injuries.

  4. Way to early to call a rookie a beast in the first week of training camp. Ignorant sensationalism on the writers part.

  5. Yea he got there really quick, but is it because he is good or because the o-line is weak. Just looks like a weak line to me. Texans will have a good d-line but with that o-line like that…they are in trouble.

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