Jameis on Paying College Athletes: “Free Education is Enough For Me”

Jameis Winston Crab Legs Memes 5

There is a crab legs joke in here, but I am going to leave that for rest of you.

During the ACC media day, Jameis was asked what he thought about college athletes getting paid and being a student athlete in general. Here is what he had to say via PFT.

It’s very important to me,” Winston said.  “I was always raised as a student first and an athlete second. . . .

“I think that’s the main purpose in college.  Some athletes lose that perspective.  It’s about being a student-athlete, and not just getting that easy money and going to the league.  Even if kids leave early, I would want them to come back and get that degree. 

“We’re blessed to get a free education . . . and that’s enough for me.”


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