Jameis Winston Was Stopped at Gunpoint For Killing Squirrels in 2012

Jameis Winston Crab Legs Memes

Jameis has had his share of issues with the law. From the silly (stealing soda from Burger King) to the serious (a rape allegation), so what happened back in 2012 shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Here are the details via USA Today.

About five hours before Jameis Winston was involved in a BB gun “battle” that damaged the apartment complex where he lived in 2012, the Florida State quarterback was stopped by campus police at gunpoint and handcuffed for carrying a pellet gun on campus that he said he was using to shot at squirrels.

Winston and teammate Chris Casher were briefly detained by FSU police on Nov. 25, 2012, after an unidentified person reported two men carrying a “long barreled handgun” on campus, according to a police report obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

“I believe the suspects may have had a firearm so for my safety and the safety of the other individuals in the area, I drew my firearm from its holster and pointed it at the suspects with my finger outside the trigger guard,” wrote Officer Anthony Gioannetti in the police report.

Eventually the cops brought the squirrel story and Winston was let go. Shortly; thereafter, a BB Gun fight broke out in their apartment complex.

Which led to another incident report, but no charges were never filed.

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  • Stand your ground state pills over 2 black kids for carrying BB guns, while white men in Florida like George Zimmerman carry real guns and kill innocent kids. Only in AMERICA.

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