Jim Brown Says Dan Gilbert Owes LeBron a Public Apology

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Cleveland sports legend, Jim Brown would love to have LeBron James back home in Cleveland, just like almost any other Cavs fan (whether they’ll admit it or not).

However, Brown only wants LeBron playing in Cleveland if a public apology from Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert; comes as part of the deal. Gilbert attacked James’ character in 2010, after his highly publicized departure from Cleveland to join the Miami Heat. In an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press this afternoon, Brown explained the terms under which he’d like to see James come home:

“The only way I would say that (James should return) is if he and Mr. Gilbert came to some greater understanding because I did not like the way that Mr. Gilbert portrayed him. For James to return), there’s got to be a public apology made by the owner. I don’t see it any other way.’’

When asked if James should return without a public apology, he simply answered: “Hell no”. He then went on to lighten his stance a bit, proclaiming James should do what’s best for him.

I agree with Jim Brown one hundred percent. The childish manner in-which Dan Gilbert chose to go about things (this letter was conveniently deleted today) rubbed many people; myself included, the wrong way. LeBron fulfilled his contractual obligation to the Cavaliers and chose to play elsewhere, which was his right. If he were to go back to play for Gilbert again, a public apology, at the very least, would be warranted.

[h/t Pioneer Press]

3 thoughts on “Jim Brown Says Dan Gilbert Owes LeBron a Public Apology

  • Those racist fans were on youtube calling Lebron the N-word while they burned his jersey. He would be nuts to go back to them.

  • They’re both scum bags… LeJerk for the way he left those people in Cle. And Gilbert for the way he conducts business, praying on all those old people with his fugazi loan business. That’s cool LeJErk left for Miami but they way he left is inexcusable.

  • Lebron shouldn’t even consider playing for Cleveland! The way Dan Gilbert acted when Lebron left him? Forget him! Lebron should stay in Miami and get his max contract! South Beach vs below zero temperatures in the winter? It’s no comparison!

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