Joakim Noah Trying to Convince Rose To Come With Him & Meet Melo

Bulls vs Knicks

Noah is trying his hardest to get Carmelo to Chicago because he knows that the Bulls need help and Melo could be the missing piece.

Derrick Rose on the other hand says it isn’t his job to recruit players to the Bulls. Noah is trying to convince him to at least meet with Melo according to Basketball Insiders.

Sources close to the situation say that Joakim Noah has been communicating with Anthony in recent weeks. The two have been texting back and forth, and Noah is actively recruiting Anthony to Chicago.

The Bulls are the first team that Anthony will meet with when free agency begins on July 1. He will fly to Chicago to hear the Bulls’ pitch. Sources say that Noah will either be present at the free agency meeting, or will meet with Anthony after the conclusion of the meeting. Noah wants to bring Rose along with him as well, and is trying to persuade the point guard to attend the meeting.

If Rose wants to win, it wouldn’t hurt him to at least speak with Melo. It isn’t like Rose can carry the Bulls on his own, he isn’t capable of that and Carmelo can help the team.

His job is to be a leader, so he should start acting like one.

5 thoughts on “Joakim Noah Trying to Convince Rose To Come With Him & Meet Melo

  • Rose is not a leader. That’s the problem. He listens to the knuckleheads in his inner circle, and thinks the world revolves around him.

    • You would think Rose would at least help out by being there to talk to Melo, couldn’t hurt. What is his problem.

  • Rose doesn’t want anyone on the team who may steal his thunder. The media has blown his head up so much he thinks he’s the gift of the league.

  • trade Rose for Melo, Sign DJ

  • I was quite a Rose fan when he first came to Chicago but this is really a douchey move. Why would you not support your teammate by meeting a perennial NBA All-Star free agent?! It’s the least he could do after being unavailable to his teammates for games for 2 seasons!? This kid uses to be humble and I hope he still is. It’s obvious that Chicago will never win a title without another offensive star! Come on D Rose, man up. When you lead a team and make 100’s of millions of dollars, you go above and beyond. Whatever it takes. You are not a custodian at the United Center, you are the face of the franchise! Get a clue young man. If you guys don’t start producing in the playoffs, you may find yourself of the trading block:/ Food for thought

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