Joel Embiid Tweets: “I’m Romantic & I Don’t Beat Girls Up”


Joel Embiid aka the Chief of Twitter wants the ladies to know that he’s romantic and he does not beat up women.

Screenshot_2014-07-31-22-33-44-1Of course Embiid tried to delete the tweet instantly but there’s this thing called screenshot. The timing of this tweet is very ironic since Ray Rice just addressed the media today for the first time since being suspended for two games for hitting his now wife. We’ll let you decide if Embiid was taking shots or not.

2 thoughts on “Joel Embiid Tweets: “I’m Romantic & I Don’t Beat Girls Up”

  • Chris Brown reference maybe? He is after Ri!

  • all this tweeting is cute by Embiid..for now..but he’s talking way too much and he’ll inevitably let one slip that’ll be a huge mistake

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