Kevin Durant Roast Twitter Follower For Bad Shape Up (Photos)

Kevin Durant Barber

Kevin Durant was up late, probably keeping an eye out on free agency like the rest of us, and he decided to play the question game with his late night followers. The first few questions were innocent enough and then one follower, @VH1PNUT, decided to get at KD for his hairline.

Well KD was quick with his response and the following conversation had thousands of KD fans laughing on Twitter:

First @VH1PNUT jumps in with a standard trolling question


Then KD hits him with this gem

KDvsVH1PNUT-Twitter-6The only thing @VH1PNUT could do is admit defeat





KDvsVH1PNUT-Twitter-5KD has been having a lot of fun on social media lately and I hope that he doesn’t delete these tweets like he’s done recently. There is nothing wrong with having some fun and the follower seemed to take it in stride.

KD needs to start writing his commercials if he’s this funny.