Kevin Sumlin is Tired of Johnny Manziel Questions


Kevin Sumlin Johnny Manziel

It’s a new season in college football as SEC Media Days in underway in Hoover, AL.

Today Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin took the podium to give the state of the union for the Aggies. Of course he very famous former QB came up during the Q&A, but I’m not sure Sumlin was thinking it would be the first thing that got asked about:

Then it didn’t stop and Sumlin was asked about Manziel partying before his NFL time with the Browns really starts:

Sumlin is in a tough spot here. Does he want to answer questions about Johnny right now especially since he isn’t on his team anymore? No. But does he and the A&M program owe a lot of its success to the Heisman winner? Yes.

So naturally he will be asked about him. I would advise the rest of the media to go easy on the Johnny questions to Kevin for the time being.

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