Kobe “Very Happy” With Lakers Offseason


Kobe Bryant suffers an Achilles tendon injury against the Golden State Warriors

It is unlike Kobe to lie these days, but I am assuming he means he is happy with the effort the Lakers made to try to bring more talent to the team. They have failed, but at least it was an honest try. Here is what Bean had to say.

“We’re still trying to figure the roster out,” Bryant said. “We don’t know what system we’re going to be operating out of. A lot of those questions remain to be answered.”

Bryant reaffirmed he was “very happy” with the effort the Lakers made in trying to land Anthony and retain Gasol.

Bryant indicated approval of general manager Mitch Kupchak’s recent signings of complementary players.

“It’s my job to go out there next season and lay it all out there on the line and get us to that elite level,” he said.

Kobe is playing out the last chapter of his career, we will see how much magic he has left, if any.